Hello, I’m Brett Bodofsky

A digital marketer who specializes in paid search. Throughout my career I have had the honor of wearing many hats (often simultaneously), Digital Marketer, Web Developer and I.T. Support.

I consider innovation to be a core function of my job regardless of the role I find myself in. To succeed in this field it is important to me that I remain on the cutting edge. I currently work full-time and study as much as possible after-hours. I truly wish sleep was not a requirement of humans, as I would work and study 24hrs a day if it were possible. I have a full blown addiction to indulging upon all things digital marketing.

Extensive Experience With:

Google Ads
Microsoft Advertising
Amazon Advertising

Principles of my work


Innovation means trying new things. I find that staying on the cutting-edge of various technologies and emerging trends enables me to do exactly that. If there is a new beta coming out rest assured that I am trying to get my hands on it as soon as possible. Once obtained I immediately begin considering ways the new feature could be beneficial for the clients I work with.


Every project I take on, it is ensured that prior to taking it live, it undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process. I strive to deliver and execute projects of high quality and accuracy that are sure to help achieve clients business objectives.


“Efficiency means “skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort”. I take great pride in being able to provide clients with the results they desire in an efficient manner. The way I remain efficient is by staying up-to-date with the engines I work within, getting hands on experience making implementations of all kinds, and renewing all of my certifications every year to ensure there are no large gaps in my knowledge base.

Deep Expertise & Wide Knowledge Base

I offer a wide range of Digital Marketing, Information Technology, and Development services. If there is something you are looking for but don’t see it mentioned on this website please do not hesitate to reach out to me anyway. I am always looking to expand upon my current skill-set!

Paid Search

My Hobby, Passion, and source of income are all paid search! This means that when working with me you are in great hands. I spend an unfathomable amount of time scouring the web for the latest paid search updates and partake in several communities where I regularly answer questions pertaining to paid search (voluntarily).

Conversion Rate Optimization

My unique background as developer and many years of studying as a marketer has equipped me with a keen eye for optimization opportunities both on-site and in-platform.

Web Development

I can create you beautiful websites and improve your existing website. I am willing to go the extra step and teach you how to manage and update the website once it is complete.

I.T. Support

Need someone to support all of your businesses electronic devices, and keep your network safe / stable? I will stop at nothing to provide your company with quick, cost-effective solutions.


Increase your visibility within the searching engine results page! I can help write meta titles, descriptions, alt tags, implement schema, improve site speed and more!

Blog Posts

Indulge upon information regarding our industries emerging trends, how-to’s and everything in between.

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Brett Bodofsky
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